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About Us

Wolfie Trausch founded Loop Group West over a decade ago and has since coordinated hundreds of sessions. He's well-connected and well-respected within the voice over community as a coordinator, voice director, voice actor, and casting director. In addition to directing loop groups, he's also a sought-after dubbing director and has directed the English dubs of Cannes-nominated series and Oscar-contending films. He brings a high level of experience to the stage and enjoys the collaborative teamwork involved in looping. IMDb

Anita Kalathara is a New York Native who joined Loop Group West about half a decade ago. Coming from a communications background, Anita brings a diverse perspective and has become an asset in bringing the group to the level of success it has today. She has an excellent ear for casting and prides herself on inclusivity. In addition to coordinating and casting alongside Wolfie, she's a working voice actor, currently starring as Laguna Tidepool on Dreamwork's Trollstopia. She is also a wonderful voice matching actor, and multilinguist. IMDb

We cast & coordinate globally and work with studios in LA, NY, ATL, Canada, and Europe. We work as local hires in LA and NY.


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