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From the spotting session to the final mix, our clients are confident and relaxed in knowing that we will fulfill all of their voice over needs and record tracks that will fit perfectly into the mix.  


We offer the following services for every group: 


Each project is cast meticulously to ensure that the needs of each cue are met perfectly. 


Loop Group West pulls from an extensive and diverse pool of voice over talent. Each actor meets the highest level of professionalism. Upon request, we will provide MP3 auditions of each actor to ensure that satisfaction. 



We value your time. All actors arrive at the session thoroughly prepared for each and every cue. Actors are provided with an extensive amount of information, to ensure that they can nail each cue on the first take. 




Consultations to discuss the needs of your project, and how we can be of service

Screening / attending spotting sessions 

Casting voices to fit the needs of each specific project

Voice Matches for Principal ADR

Hassle-free contract 


Coordinating & Directing each session

Free In-Home Professional booth for Placeholders & last-minute added cues


Non-Union casting in any language, vocation, age, dialect, or accent


GR    UP 


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