Virtual Loop Group

In March 2020, we fully transitioned to remote recording for the safety of our actors and the post-production team. Wolfie was part of the team that collaborated with Netflix for remote recording and has been able to provide technical advice to studios on the best methods for remote recordings. 

All of our actors have been vetted for the following before being added to our remote roster: 

  • Condenser microphone

  • Pre-amp

  • Over-the-ear headphones

  • Sound-treated space

  • Reliable ethernet internet connection

Before each session, we run a "tech rehearsal" with our actors the day before each session, to ensure that all actors are set, and so that we're able to start each session right on time. 

We also are able to record in SAG-approved studios on a "one-by-one" basis, and/or do a hybrid of in-studio and remote, if and when needed. 

Because Wolfie & Anita are technically savvy with the remote recording workflow, we're able to train and prepare our actors for whatever comes their way, and we are proud to say that we've yet to run into any technical issues while recording remotely. 


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